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A (Habeas) Chorus Line
Left to Right

James D. Robb
Angela R.C. Williams
Mark R. Lezotte
Sara F. Fischer
Justin G. Klimko
Joseph M. LaBella
Judy Zorn
Michael C. Leibson


Cast Members

Sara F. Fischer is talented and dynamic. She brings a powerful stage presence to AHCL performances. A former Case Manager in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. Presently a legal assistant at the firm of Goodman Kalahar in Detroit, Sara also produces, writes and directs the childrens' theater program at Maire Elementary School in Grosse Pointe.

Justin G. Klimko is the lyricist of AHCL (so blame him). In his other life, Justin is a corporate transaction attorney with the Detroit law firm of Butzel Long, focusing on mergers and acquisitions and securities regulation, as well as the firm's President and CCH (Chief Cat-Herder).

Michael C. Leibson is a master of physical comedy and one of the funniest people you'll ever see on stage. Mike recently retired as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, but still has friends in high places and can get you in trouble if you cross him. So watch it.

Joseph M. LaBella Joseph M. La Bella is our resident doo-wopper and loves the Great American Songbook. In his day job, Joe is the Vice President, Director of Contracts for Jack Morton Worldwide, the promotional and marketing agency of record for General Motors.

Mark R. Lezotte is a smooth and versatile performer as well as our chief financial officer, so we've been watching him closely since all of those Wall Street bailouts. Mark is an attorney with the Detroit firm Butzel Long, focusing on health care law.

James D. Robb is AHCL's multi-talented musical director. He single-handedly arranges and performs all AHCL music. He is a former Assistant Dean and Adjunct Professor of Law at Wayne State University Law School and former General Counsel and Associate Dean of Western Michigan University Cooley Law School.

Angela R.C. Williams' lovely vocal talents and range shine through in AHCL performances. Angela is Deputy General Counsel with the Detroit Housing Commission.

Judy Zorn's professional singing background is obvious from her beautiful voice, which amazes and delights AHCL audiences. Judy is an attorney and the Musical Director of the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra in Petoskey, Michigan.