The Nation's Best* Musical Parody-Comedy Troupe of Lawyers

*Since we're the only one, we must be the best. How's that for sound legal reasoning? Plus, we're the most fun you can have with lawyers . . . short of an indictment.

upcoming events

Following this spring's tour full of smash performances of our newest show, “You Can’t Say That!,” your favorite musical-parody-comedy troupe of lawyers, A (Habeas) Chorus Line, is taking time to consider booking offers. We perform at any event where our kind of humor is fitting: bar associations, corporate events, trade shows, weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs, church fundraisers, birthday parties, golf outings, divorce celebrations, bowling leagues, ice cream socials, presidential inaugurations, etc. Well, you get it -- just about anywhere we can earn a buck. So watch here for our upcoming engagements! Until then, scroll down to enjoy a sampling of our songs.

View and listen to these great songs!

1. Steal, Steal, Steal
2. The Launderer
3. Fieger
4. Dye Jobs Are a Girl’s Best Friend
5. Memory

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Tickets for our May 18, 2024 concert are now on sale!

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